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What You Should Know About US Laws

US laws

What you should know about US laws is that there basically two types of laws: federal laws and state laws.

Federal laws apply to all the people living in the county and its territories like Guam. On the other hand, state laws apply only to the people living in the state. Federal laws are passed in Congress and are then signed into law or vetoed by the president. State laws, meanwhile, are passed by the state legislature and are then ratified by the state governor. In different states, the state legislature is also called the General Assembly or General Court.

There are many laws that have been passed in the United States both at the federal and state level. And it really pays if you know the basic laws of the land especially if you are thinking of living in the United States because yes, they can be part of your citizenship exam.

When it comes to enforcing and interpreting the law, different courts are assigned. For federal laws, it’s the federal courts that do it. And obviously, for state laws, the people have a recourse in the state court.

If you run into trouble with the law, it’s very important to work with a lawyer who is experienced in both aspects of the law – the federal laws and the state laws because there are times when at least one of them can work in your favor. Just make sure you know which law you need help with. If it’s criminal law, then search for a criminal lawyer. If it’s the family court, then find an attorney who has experience in family law.

If you do not know of any attorneys in your local area, just know that you have a friend in Google. And the only thing you need to do to get help is type “lawyer” plus the specialization and the name of your local area.