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International Trade Is A Lot More Possible Than Ever Before

international tradeInternational trade has taken place as long as there have been nations. Even intercontinental trade has been going on for thousands of years. Despite the fact that several nations have recently seen populist political revolts against globalism, the simple truth is that most every nation is economically linked and interdependent on the global economy for things like consumer goods, raw materials and natural resources, financing, and even employment.

The possibilities of international trade do not just happen on a global scale, as even small to medium sized businesses are able to take advantage of possibilities outside of their national borders. American companies that find their domestic labor pool to be short on particular professions and kinds of talent can make use of government programs to bring in educated individuals from overseas that have the skills they need in particular roles. This happens a lot in the finance and information technology sectors.

Doing trade internationally is not always a matter of the popular misconception of things being assembled or manufactured entirely in China and then sailed over the Pacific. Mexico actually is a source of quite a bit of manufacturing and production labor for American companies. If you wonder why things do not say they were made in Mexico though, they might not have fully been, as many parts are made in the United States, trucked over the border for assembly, and then the products finalized back in the States.

When Microsoft’s original Xbox system had millions of cases of the ‘red rings of death,’ the systems were shipped to El Paso, trucked across the Rio Grande into Juarez, where local labor fixed them cheaply, and then the units were returned to the States and shipped to their owners domestically, illustrating how easily the lines can blur between domestic and international commerce and production.